• SindyXR, the Seamless Integrated Dynamics Company, delivers a transformative healthcare experience for healthcare professionals and their patients, prioritizing group connection, engagement and education. 

    SindyXR's Telehealth, Virtual Reality and In-Person Group Health Support System empowers healthcare professionals to bridge the gap between appointments, ensuring continuous care, supportive learning and improved outcomes.   

The First Extended Reality (XR)-Based Group Health Support System

HIPAA compliant and reimbursable by insurance, SindyXR's Group Health Support System is an extended reality-based system that delivers overall better outcomes for patients while strengthening relationships with healthcare professionals.

Healthcare professionals utilize SindyXR's Telehealth, Virtual Reality and In Person Group Health Support System to better service their patients in between regular visits.  Patients with similar health conditions have better outcomes by sharing experiences and best practices with each other and their health professional within the SindyXR System.

SindyXR's Telehealth Group Therapy platform allows for easy signup and seamless discussions using laptops and mobile devices.

 SindyXR’s Virtual Reality Group Therapy platform provides a truly immersive and interactive group wellness experience.

Health Professionals are also able to host Support Groups on premise, live and in person, by leveraging SindyXR's integrated platform.

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SindyXR Leaders Webinar Series 
"Best Practices in Patient Engagement"

In this edition of the SindyXR Wellness Leaders webinar series, we featured a discussion with Dr. Charles Cavo, Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of Pounds Transformation Christopher Hill, Board Chair and CEO of SindyXR.

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