Health Professionals
  • SindyXR is available as a subscription service to  healthcare professionals, providing their patients interactive, educational support groups via Telehealth, Virtual Reality, and In Person modalities.

    HIPAA compliant and insurance reimbursable, the SindyXR's Group Health Support System delivers better outcomes by strengthening the relationship between patients with similar conditions and their healthcare professional.

First of Its Kind Integrated Group Health Support System 

Patients with similar conditions learn from & interact with each other via SindyXR's live Interactive Support Groups.  Small group discussions are led by your healthcare professional via Telemedicine, Virtual Reality, and In Person modalities.  Better patient interaction & engagement is enabled through this safe and nurturing environment, conducted by health professionals and their support staff.

SindyXR's Telehealth Group Therapy platform allows for easy signup and seamless discussions using laptops and mobile devices.

 SindyXR’s Virtual Reality Group Therapy platform provides a truly immersive and interactive group wellness experience.

Health Professionals are also able to host Group Support Groups live In Person leveraging SindyXR's integrated platform.

SindyXR support group sessions are often covered and reimbursable by insurance.

Engage, support & educate your patients and clients in between appointments.

Watch a brief video on Leading a SindyXR Group Session
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Healthier Together. Wherever.