Celebrate Wellness Month

Celebrate Wellness Month

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SindyXR’s Leadership Team, Wellness Medical Professionals and Global Wellness Community Join Together to Celebrate National Wellness Month

NEW YORK & BOSTON;  August 22, 2023 – SindyXR, Inc., the Seamless Integrated Dynamics Company, its Leadership Team, its network of Medical Professionals and its global Wellness Community, are joining together to celebrate August as National Wellness Month. 

National Wellness Month marks the importance of self-care, managing stress and promoting healthy routines, enabling wholesome lifestyle habits all year long. It serves as a reminder for people to prioritize self-care and make healthy choices in their daily lives. It's a time to reflect on personal well-being and to engage with others, together with their medical professionals, to discover and to adopt habits that promote a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle throughout their life stages.

“I am delighted and proud to be able to join with my fellow members of the SindyXR Leadership Team, our growing, global SindyXR Wellness Community, and, in particular, the Medical Professional & Advisors who lead and support our Wellness initiatives, to celebrate August being National Wellness Month.” - Christopher Hill, SindyXR Board Chair and Chief Executive Officer commented.

Mr. Hill continued: SindyXR’s mission is to empower wellness as a life-long journey enabling our Wellness Community Members to interact with people going through a similar situation, within our safe and nurturing SindyXR Wellness Circles & Wellness Webinars, moderated & facilitated by qualified Medical Professionals.”

Dr. Charles Cavo, Chief Medical Officer of Pounds Transformation and a SindyXR Professional Wellness Advisor, marked August as Wellness Month by stating: As the medical landscape changes with the focus becoming more preventative in the approach to care, physicians and patients are able to obtain and track more and more data points. For our practice, the labs and other biometrics are critical to follow to monitor the changes we are initiating in our approach to the patient’s care.  These changes as well as the data collected can be followed through new modalities like SindyXR.  What is even more unique to SindyXR is the extension it gives to the patient/provider relationship as conversations with regards to the findings (or other health concerns) can be addressed in the virtual space which allows for improved management strategies with regards to lifestyle strategies and nutritional changes.

Charles Kirby, Founder and Chief Product Officer of SindyXR commented: My guiding definition is: in order to spread wellness, we must each feel empowered as well as genuinely seen. Especially in this tele-medicine boom, without agency AND presence, then one side of this conversation is not respected: not well. As the Founder of SindyXR, I am so thankful that August is dedicated to augmenting the real feeling of wellness for every member of our SindyXR Community. 

About SindyXR:

SindyXR Inc, The Seamless Integrated Dynamics Company, is committed to empowering life-long wellness journeys by enabling its Wellness Members to interact and engage with people going through similar situations. Moderated by qualified Wellness Professionals. SindyXR fosters open dialogue and knowledge-sharing between qualified professional moderators and empowered people within in a safe and nurturing environment. SindyXR Wellness Circles & Wellness Webinars leverage “XR” technology ranging from cutting edge Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Laptop, Mobile and In Real Life.

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