Christopher Hill shares a behind the scenes snapshot

Christopher Hill shares a behind the scenes snapshot

Vicente Navarro
12.04.24 03:35 PM Comment(s)

Christopher M. Hill, SindyXR Board Chair & CEO, shared a brief ‘behind the scenes’ snapshot of what the SindyXR Leadership Team has been doing in preparation for our next stage as a company:

Corporate & Financial Infrastructure:

Diana Canaan, our Chief Financial Officer, has worked with to ensure a professional & transparent corporate infrastructure. Diana is a real professional and I can’t thank her enough for ensuring we have a solid foundation to build on from a corporate finance perspective.

Product & Technical Platform:

Vicente Navarro Pareja, our Chief Technical Officer, built our delivery platform to ensure stability and our ability to scale in the future. This includes building our Telehealth Group Health Support Product on top of a cost effective, scalable, standard platform, which we also use for internal company communications, website, CRM, client services & outbound marketing. Vicente also built our Virtual Reality Group Health Support Product from the ground up and it has impressed those that have used it. This infrastructure also supports live, In Person Health Support Groups. Each of our products all leverage a single registration & sign-on capability and are ready to scale with our business.

Client Support Services:

Ni Ni Than, our XR Support Director, has created a seamless and robust Health Professional & Patient onboarding process that enables our Health Group Support sessions across Telehealth, Virtual Reality & In Person modalities, while fully integrated to our CRM & Marketing. This also includes innovative use of training videos that onboard & guide Health Professionals and Patients using SindyXR across our platform. Additionally, Ni Ni ensures our branding and visuals remain consistent and user-focused across our platforms, demonstrating our commitment to a cohesive and intuitive user experience.

Sales & Marketing Outreach:

Jeff Lippincott, our Chief Revenue Officer, has been ramping up our sales & marketing infrastructure. These efforts include the creation of a marketing database of health professionals to market our subscription-based services to. We are also exploring partnerships with organizations with large existing health professional customers.


SindyXR TV & Other Cool “Futurist” Things:


Charles Kirby, our Chief Product Officer, Founder & Resident Futurist, continues to inspire interest in SindyXR to get the word out about SindyXR. This includes idea generation of new product avenues to explore in the future. Be on the lookout for “SindyXR TV”!