Tremendous Leap for XR

Tremendous Leap for XR

05.04.23 03:58 PM Comment(s)

NEW YORK & BOSTON; April 5, 2023 – SindyXR, Inc., the Seamless Integrated Dynamics Company, today announced the appointment of Christopher M. Hill as the Board Chair & Chief Executive Officer for  SindyXR globally.

Mr. Hill has established, managed, scaled and successfully monetized digital intelligence, new media and critical infrastructure companies within emerging growth industries throughout the world. His leadership has resulted in the dramatic growth of business and shareholder value evidenced by successful exits to industry leading companies such as Dow Jones & Co., Interactive Data, S&P Global, Trax Retail & Dominus Capital. 

Mr. Hill commented on his appointment: “I am humbled by the faith and trust SindyXR has given me to lead the SindyXR organization.  SindyXR’s critically important mission to empower patients throughout the world using innovative, cost-effective immersive technologies cannot be overstated. The responsibility our team has been given to work with physicians and provide the best possible experience for patients in need of quality healthcare will save lives.”

“Christopher’s track record of growing companies globally speaks for itself. He has the business acumen, dynamic presence, and team-based leadership for SindyXR to realize its full potential to truly impact the healthcare industry for years to come”

About SindyXR:

The Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) marketplace has dramatically expanded during, and now post, the COVID-19 pandemic.  Through SindyXR, patients are able to receive the best possible medical collaboration and engagement with their medical provider. By deploying a comprehensive set of leading edge XR-based technologies and services, SindyXR enables a more effective patient-physician relationship and an overall more satisfying healthcare experience on a global basis. For more information visit SindyXR at